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28 views Nov 07, 2018
Saudi Arabia and the Maplestory Mesos

Qatar, now facing a diplomatic crisis with other Arab nations, is a Maplestory Mesos small country with a big history of turmoil and coups as it became one of the world's top suppliers of natural gas and now plans to host the 2022 FIFA World Cup. (AP Photo/Kamran Jebreili, File)None of the key countries - Qatar.


ahrain, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates - appears to be backing down, calling into question the unity of the council just as it seeks to portray itself as standing up to Iran."The new hawkish policy reflects an end to decades-long tradition in the Gulf Cooperation Countries that seeks to maintain dialogue irrespective of policy differences," wrote Ayham Kamel.


iddle East director at the Eurasia Group, calling the damage to Gulf relations "irreparable.""Saudi Arabia's relationship with President Trump is the linchpin of Riyadh's new approach. The implicit message to all the Gulf leaders is that Saudi Arabia remains the center of gravity in Gulf affairs."


The Gulf Cooperation Council, known by the more benefit acronym GCC, formed in 1981 in the wake of Iran's Islamic Revolution overthrowing the shah and installing its clerically overseen government. By the time ink dried on the agreement, Iraq had already invaded Iran, sparking a long, bloody war between the two countries that spilled into the waters of the Persian Gulf and worrying the Sunni Arab members of the council.

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