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23 views Oct 10, 2018
BenJarvus Green-Ellis Ranked As 29th Best Running Back In Madde

EA Sports' Madden NFL 13 is set to become released on August 28th, and EA Sports may be releasing their positional rankings on the world.
Yesterday, they released their entire report on running back rankings, along with the Bengals' expected starter BenJarvus Green-Ellis was ranked as being the 29th best all-around running back.
We've long held the positioning that BenJarvus Green-Ellis isn't a supremely talented running back, instead a pro's pro (as Bengals' radio broadcaster Dave Lapham would say), and presents Madden Mobile Coins an upgrade from Cedric Benson in the slew of categories, though it's very debatable.
Green-Ellis ranked because 29th best running in Madden NFL 13 only further supports that 'pro's pro' argument. He's a terrific locker room guy, a tough worker, and about the field, a grinder who won't fumble the football and incorporates a nose with the endzone.
Green-Ellis is expected for being in part of an rotation with longtime backup Bernard Scott this coming year, though offensive coordinator Jay Gruden has hinted which he won't anchor to that particular rotation Cheap Madden Mobile Coins concept if one from the backs is shining. Brian Leonard is predicted to retain another down role, while Cedric Peerman, 2012 6th rounder Daniel Herron, and free agent signing Aaron Brown are fighting against eachother for that fourth spot.