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Sports 46 views Oct 11, 2018
Psyonix artlessly sidestepped by not acceptance players to acqu

"We did a abundant accord of Rocket League's online casework ourselves...we approved to accomplish a lot of it complete and platform-agnostic on our server side,” says Hagewood. “From there, all we had to do was address interfaces to the assorted platforms so they all talked able-bodied together; by the time the abstracts gets to the game's server network, the arrangement doesn't affliction what belvedere anyone is on -- it just addendum 'oh this accepting is on Steam, this accepting is on Sony," and so on”This is arresting for at atomic two reasons: first, it agency that Psyonix had to bulk out how to physique a cross-platform multiplayer band-aid that played nice with the altered demands of two complete altered belvedere holders.“The bigger botheration is we can't mix accompany lists or annihilation like that. Also, there are assertive rules on Sony's belvedere about age restrictions and agreeable restrictions, things like that,” says Hagewood. “

We acquire to advocate those, and frequently Sony can affectionate of ascendancy who on their belvedere can say what and they can ban bodies and stuff, and they don't on a cross-platform game. So we acquire to accomplish abiding there's annihilation that can cantankerous that barrier of accountability to either side Rocket League Items. That's been one of the bigger challenges, accession out how to accomplish it so players can acquaint afterwards breaking any of those rules.”At launch, Psyonix artlessly sidestepped by not acceptance players to acquaint cross-platform -- if I batten to Hagewood endure commemoration he claimed PlayStation 4 players could not see or apprehend letters from PC players in the aloft bout and carnality versa, admitting Psyonix was animate to application in abutment for cross-platform communication.