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Business 445 views Jun 06, 2017
Tattoo Care

Purchase Natural Skin Products and Tattoo Lotion from Green Goo


We live in a world where things that were once frowned upon are now accepted as commonplace. Many years ago, getting a tattoo was a little weird and considered taboo but now people are interested in getting inked. As more and more people get tattoos it is also imperative that they look after their skin after this process. Green Goo is a company serving body care products and Tattoo Care kits that protect your body after you get a tattoo.

The freshly inked skin is tender and sensitive and therefore it needs special care and attention. The tattoo care kit provided by Green Goo has an ointment which is rich in ingredients that help in healing your skin. This Tattoo Lotion is gentle on skin and is made up of Olive Oil, Sunflower Oil, Aloe Vera Oil, Plantain, Chickweed and other herbs which make it healthy for any type of skin. Tattoo ointments usually have chemicals like petroleum, mineral oil, etc which harm your skin but this tattoo lotion has only natural components which help your skin while it is freshly inked. In many cases Tattoo fades at an early stage but with the regular use of this ointment your tattoo will not only be preserved but your ink colors will appear more vibrant.

The company also sells Natural Deodorant which has no chemicals in it and gives a soothing feel every time you apply it. These deodorants are highly effective as they last all day long. They also control bad odors and sweat so that you can feel confident this summer. Moreover, the natural deodorants offered by them are free of propylene glycol, aluminum, phthalates and gluten. For a natural feel you can even try their other products like soap sets, first aids, massage and intimate ointments, sun block lotions and many more.

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