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Business 320 views Jun 26, 2017
Stock Market Analysis Tools

Why TransStock is the Best Stock Market Analysis Software


Stock market analysis is not everyone’s cup of tea. Extensive knowledge and experience is required in order to understand the stock market and TransStock is one such software which can help you take profitable trading decisions. TransStock is Stock Market Analysis Tools developed by CompuGraphics.

CompuGraphics was founded by Paul Gins, a leading stock trader in Belgium. Paul has over 40 years worth of experience in stock trading and investing and this has inspired him to create a unique solution named TransStock.

TransStock was developed by Paul Gins in order to give you the power to make objective trading decisions. Rated amongst the best beleggen op de beurs, TransStock has data of stock markets from around the globe. The software intelligently identifies the most profitable stocks for you to buy. This is possible because of the historical data and the complex calculations that the software can make which allows you to make informed and objective trading decisions rather than emotion based.

Stock trading is no piece of cake and you must be able to make calculated decisions in order to avoid huge losses. TransStock software suggests you to make investments in the bullish stocks sourced from data collected from around the world. The software also provides assistance regarding the time of buying and selling such stocks reducing the risk of losses and improving the earning potential. The software ensures that you can make risk-free trading decisions and earn money competing with the professional traders.

Paul Gins developed TransStock in order to reduce the risk involved in stock trading and to help you make higher profits. TransStock requires only 15 minutes a day of your time in order to provide you all the information required to make next day’s trading decisions. The software also offers portfolio-track-lists for each market for free along with its software. Those portfolio lists with clear buy and sell recommandations, beats the yearly performance of almost any market index. CompuGraphics offers great discounts and deals for its customers when they extend their software licenses with the company. Apart from TransStock, CompuGraphics also offers investment portfolio management software for its customers to keep track of their investments on the go.

For further enquiries, you can visit CompuGraphics at:

Reppelsebaan 36,


Phone: 0032 (0) 13 78 44 44