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Business 659 views Oct 24, 2018
Jeffrey Flannagan Referee

In every person's life, there is a fixed goal which has to be accomplished in every way possible. Success doesn't come easily; it requires sheer perseverance, hard work and valuable guidance that can eventually take him to the ladder of success. If you are an ardent lover of basketball and want to be a skilled basketball referee, then you should definitely take assistance from the Jeffrey Flannagan Referee. He has been officiating basketball for the past 35 years throughout Australia and UK. He has helped a number of people in building their career in basketball. He is very professional and kind-hearted person who treat each and every person with the utmost care and attention.

Jeffrey Flannagan Referee truly believes that success is all about enjoying the journey and learning from the mistakes in order to become a successful basketball player. About 35 years ago, he decided to become a basketball official. He played a lot of basketball and football matches, but he was neither tall nor athletic in appearance. But, he never gave up on his dreams. He struggled to get into high-school basketball and then, he had set his eyes on the collegiate level. He participated in a number of camps and thus, he became familiar with the learning process.

In 1989, Jeffrey Flannagan Referee took basketball game seriously and accumulated a lot of experience and resilience. Now, he has been helping the community through educating, advising and mentoring the next generation of referees. If you are looking for the finest referee for tournaments, special events or school games, he will be there to assist you within a short span of time. He has offered a number of featured links that can cater to specific needs and requirements for officiating in Australia. Jeffrey Flannagan Referee has provided number resources on his website such as National Association of Sports-USA, National Roster Cordinators (USA), Australian Official-Referee Education, etc. where they educate you about the essence of becoming a basketball referee and allow you to be the part of the leagues.

No matter how hard you are trying to pursue your dreams in basketball, he will always stand beside you like a pillar and provide valuable guidance and support in order to earn a name in the realm of basketball. For any details, Jeffrey Flannagan Referee would be there to provide you feedbacks at an earliest.