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46 views Feb 10, 2019
The RuneScape Treasure Hunter Second probability

Playing Treasure Hunter however not got what you look for? Have a second chance! From 00:00 universal time on OSRS Gold second Gregorian four weeks till 23:59 universal time on seventh Gregorian 30 days, you will have a second probability at any prize you have on Treasure Hunter, to the value of the ten Hearts of Ice every.  

We’ve got some new things to test out on in BETA, including the new death mechanics we’ve been talking about within the forums as well as a new means of collecting loot. All running smoothly, the Legacy/EoC mashup feature should be rendering it's way on the live game this month. This lets you to find the combat and interface modes independently, as an example allowing you to run Legacy combat using the New Interface System, or Legacy interfaces with EoC. Thanks to the feedback you provided about the RuneScape Gold features being tested about the BETA servers up to now.  

We're wanting to running by having a number individuals new toys to point you the additions we've already created. See below for times you can actually come back and turn into part of America in game today.  All events area unit control in the Lumbridge Crater.  

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