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Other 20 views Mar 14, 2019
Rebooted Final Fantasy 14 beta details and glamorous new video

The Final Fantasy 14 reboot and PS3 version which have been years inside the FFXIV Gil making - and still have a lot riding about them - finally arrive this end of 2013.Now we now are aware that PC closed beta testing begins mid-February. So says a beta roadmap dug standing on NeoGAF.

That's the initial phase in the beta; altogether there is going to be four. Square Enix has estimated the length of time each of these phases will require, plus the time needed in-between. When they're finished, out may come FF14: A Realm Reborn on PC and PS3.

The earliest estimate of your release usually be mid-February plus seven weeks - roughly the final of March. But this is definitely an MMO and they also require a whole lot of testing, so I'll be damned when it makes that date.


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