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You might think that the reason I choose such a title was to grab your attention but the truth is that several experiment has been conducted on animals with the purpose of discovering how the brain works and how can the results be used to improve humans life.

Many animals have similar systems to the ones we have Wholesale Green Bay Packers Hoodies , and by applying the result of some experiments that was done on animals to the human beings several methods of improving the human?s life was discovered.

The monkeys that learned fear
Monkeys that doesn?t fear snakes were introduced to some snakes while being forced to listen to scary noise. Some monkeys learned to fear snakes as a result of this experiment but what?s more astonishing is that when monkeys that didn?t fear snakes were allowed to see the fear response of monkeys that fear snakes they learned how to fear snakes too!!!

Conclusion: We learn to fear things when we associate them with another event, for example a child might fear darkness after associating it with the noisy sound that happened when his mother slammed the door of a dark room.

Moreover, if a child watched an adult reacting with fear to a certain situation the child will develop fear too!!

The frog that died in the boiling water
When some frogs were thrown in boiling water they jumped very quickly out of it and managed to survive Wholesale Houston Texans Hoodies , however, when the same frogs were put into a cold water that was slowly heated all of them when the water reached boiling point because it was already to late to act.

Conclusion: We can only feel sudden changes but when the change happen over time we never feel it until its too late. People don?t develop bad habits over night nor do they experience severe behavior changes in a short period of time but everything happens bit by bit.

The Rats that failed to swim
A researcher brought some wild rats, ones that are known to be able to swim for 80 hours continuously Wholesale Indianapolis Colts Hoodies , then frightened them and made them believe that they are stuck before throwing them in water.
Many of the wild rats died after few minutes of swimming!! The rats didn?t drawn but at some point they just gave up swimming and died!!
When the rats felt in control they were able to swim for many hours but as soon as they felt that they are not in control they lost hope and drowned!!

Conclusion: When we feel in control we can reach our maximum potential and reach what we while if we lost control we give up trying even if we have the required skills.

The dogs that learned to be helpless
Few dogs were placed in room that has a switch that can either turn on electric current and shock the dogs or turn it off. When the dogs were first shocked they kept jumping around until one dog pushed the switch and discovered that the electric current stopped.

Later on whenever the electric shock was turned on the dogs rushed to turn it off using the switch. These dogs were split into two groups where the first group remained in the same room while the second one was placed in a similar one that had a faulty switch.

When the second group was shocked the dogs tried to push the switch but nothing happened. The second group of dogs were returned to the first room then were shocked again but this time they never tried to push the switch!!!

The dogs learned to become helpless as a result of feeling helpless after pushing the faulty switch!!

Conclusion: No one is born helpless but we learn how to become helpless when we face certain situations that we fail to deal with. Always try to do something about your problems because if you didn?t act you might develop learned helplessness!!

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