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Current Events 1,529 views Feb 26, 2016
ranking in the case of more than a game in the Premier

After five rounds of the league, Liverpool, 2 draws and 3 defeats 2 points, ranking in the case of more than a game in the Premier League 18! At the same time, a new ultimate team record also been born, by virtue of this 'color' to play the Reds tied the 101 this year is the opening quarter 1911-12 season, the ultimate team five victorious record, also in the same year, two draws Liverpool 3 negative start. It can be said that the current Liverpool has reached the edge of the sink dark! Regardless of whether Rogers will step down this, he became the ultimate team to build the ultimate team the worst record in the history of the title of one of the coach still being established. And he just left in front of a record has not been broken, and that is the ultimate team in 1894-95 season, also the first year of the Red Army's top league campaign, the ultimate team had nine victorious start to the season. Even if the ultimate team next few rivals such as Norwich, Stoke and Reading strength are mediocre, fifa coins but there is no guarantee the ultimate team can gain from a victory. Moreover, in accordance with the current situation in the championship, Liverpool, Norwich and Reading is  quot; relegation  quot; direct competitors, warfare between each other is even more difficult to avoid, because the extent of the brutality of the Premier League relegation battle in no way inferior race crown war. So even if Liverpool really open season nine victorious again, we do not have any surprise. Finally, there is an embarrassing record must mention that in the year 2012, the Liverpool debut in a total of two seasons in the league debut over 23 times, in which a total of 23 league ultimate teams only got 20 points, is The second worst record in the ultimate team's top league campaign in history, but fortunately they also lead Aston Villa a point, because the latter round of the league suffered a defeat. It can be said, for now, Liverpool is not the worst things we are lucky. (Cadillac)

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