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Health 10,238 views Mar 29, 2017
Essay on Future Challenges in Health Care Management

This essay is written by study help online because healthcare is one of the most import factors that any government puts under scrutiny at all times. Apart from security, health care is the next preference for any citizen of a country. Therefore, states put enough resources in the healthcare sector to ensure that its citizens are kept healthy and safe. In both developed and developing countries, health care is an immediate political issue. Leaders and politicians tend to involve the healthcare sector more than the stability of the economy in their campaigns. Therefore, the industry becomes prone to various changes and alterations as times proceeds. The healthcare industries are thus, faced with different challenges that ought to be taken into consideration. Otherwise, the whole sector and the country at large faces the risk of resource insufficiency and epidemics. Some of the problem being experienced in the healthcare sector today will be even more difficult tomorrow if not tackled today. This paper is, therefore, aimed at discussing some of this challenges both confident and uncertain in future and how they should be tackled.

Future Challenges in Health Care Management

First, the healthcare sector will be faced with challenges involving already existing healthcare systems. These systems are prone to fast changes in the near future. Therefore, managers need to set working visions and missions for the future. They also need to be sure of the trends and how to carry their stakeholders with them. For instance, the speedy transformation from fee-for-service models to value- based model in the healthcare sector will be a challenge to the health care management in future. The greatest concern to the management teams in this sectors will be the insufficient funds provided by fee-for-service that will not be enough to build and maintain the value-based models. Additionally, human needs in life keep increasing on a daily basis. People will in turn have less to spend on health care facilities. Therefore, it would be significant for the managers to plan on how to get alternative sources of funds. Thus, maintaining their services and also supplementing their revenue streams (Köllen, 2014).

Secondly, the political challenges. Healthcare management in the future will be highly affected by the politics all around the globe. According to WHO (2000), it is evident that the health care sectors form almost 15% of every economy. Therefore, the political stability of a country would significantly affect the management of the sector. Currently, many countries are resulting in wars and civil ways as a way to settle their differences. It is evident from countries such as Libya, Syria, Iraq, Somalia and currently Burundi which has joined in the frenzy. This is an upward trend and could get worse in future (Magnussen, 2009). Therefore, healthcare sectors around the world should be geared towards managing these eventualities correctly.

Thirdly, social challenges are also to be expected in future. The demographic trend in almost every country is on a rising end. Thus, many people can attain very old ages. Therefore, a larger population of the future will be comprised of mostly the aged population. It is evident to healthcare practitioners that old people are more reliant on medication and health care services. The management of the patients in future calls for even higher standards of service and the requirement of the new equipment. The population levels will thus be a challenge to the management at that time. Therefore, the healthcare sector is solemnly dependent on technology to be able to take care of this situation. New equipment and management skills are required for the future stability of the health care sector (Magnussen, 2009).

In conclusion, these challenges ought to be timely faced and dealt with. Healthcare personnel is taking even masterly courses in this field to help them deal with the challenges. However, we all know that class work has never made a good manager. Good managers are made from experiencing the heat and from having immediate interaction with challenges and opportunities in the field. Therefore, it is important for the managers to get involved in practice and through goals and objectives set on how to deal with the future.

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