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Business 21 views Jun 12, 2019
Custom Printed Wholesale Pencil Packaging Boxes

Custom Cardboard Pencil Boxes Wholesale NYC

Pencils are a fundamental stationery item for office and school use. Pencils are displayed on the stationary racks by packing inside the boxes. Mostly the box carries 10 to 20 pencils that are categorized in small and large pencil pack. The cardboard pencil boxes keep the pencils neat and clean and save them from dust and damage. If you own a stationery business in NYC, we can provide the best custom boxes made on demand to your specifications and demand. We can provide pencil boxes in wholesale quantity in the most affordable rates to our valued customers.

BoxesMe Offer 40% Off Every Order Pencil Boxes

Custom Pencil Packaging

At BoxesMe, we offer the most exciting and attractive designs for the pencil boxes for display as well as for storage and shipping. If you want to get discount and low rates for your pencil packaging then you are in the right place because we are offering a flat 40% discount on every order of pencil boxes. Also, we help the manufacturers in every phase of boxes manufacturing from design to printing and selecting a unique structure, we will make things really easy for you.
During the design phase, we show you a 3D mockup of how your final box will look before processing your order. Your suggestions and instructions are on the top of the list to be followed by us as we take every step just to facilitate your business. Especially when it comes to selecting the printing designs on the custom cardboard pencil boxes you can provide us your artwork or let us print the boxes in bright color schemes and catchy outlook. Plus you can also print the brand logo on the custom pencil packaging boxes to promote and market your brand. The boxes can be an efficient promotional tool for your pencil manufacturing business.

Customize Every Shapes and Style of Custom Pencil Boxes

Custom Cardboard Pencil Boxes

We let you select your favorite style and shape for the pencil boxes so that your product can look unique at the stationery store. The stylish layout of the boxes are made according to the purpose of the packaging, there are different styles of boxes for display as compared to that made for gift giving and storage. Reverse tuck end boxes for pencil packaging is common but you also have sleeve and tray style boxes for any number of pencils you want to pack. With so many customization options in terms of shapes, style, and sizes you can come up with a perfect packaging solution for your packaging that will surely increase the sales.

Use a Quality Material of Custom Cardboard Pencil Boxes

Cardboard Pencil Boxes

Sturdy cardboard material is used during the manufacturing of the custom pencil boxes. The durability and high strength of the cardboard stock make the boxes perfect to withstand the rigors of shipping as well as wear and tear at the display counter. Also, the pencils can be displayed for a longer duration in the custom boxes due to the high-quality material.

Why We Are Best?

Cardboard Pencil Boxes Wholesale NYC

BoxesMe is one of the most experienced custom boxes suppliers in the United States. We provide free designing assistance along with special discounts for pencil boxes. You can order any quantity you want even if its small or wholesale quantity. Create any style or size of the box you want as we have the latest die cut machinery that can make high-end boxes for pencils. Plus we offer free shipping in the USA so that you can get boxes without any hassle or delay. We take the shortest turnaround time and deliver boxes at your expected time and on the promised day.