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Entertainment 36 views Feb 13, 2020
updates follow Kamas Dofus Retro

The years pass and times change, updates follow Kamas Dofus Retro another and here we are in 2019, nevertheless on DOFUS, at the dawn of this future update 2.53 which will show the tip of his nose. The Ankama teams are still directing the boat regardless of the ups and downs and keep their work on this MMORPG by offering a significant update for each quarter. Last month of September will surely be very active in statements since in addition to the future upgrade that is preparing, the launch of a brand new Dofus game host in version 1.29, the version that left its own place to DOFUS 2.0, arrives longer to recent announcements. Between WOW Classic along with also the coming of Dofus Retro, fashion is nostalgic! Are you going to be part of the experience?

And talking of Dofus Retro, we will have the pleasure to send you new information about it within a couple of days through a written composition which we realized with Logan, current Producer on DOFUS. We will be back with him on Dofus Retro, Dofus Unity, the upcoming sound redesign, client optimizations and many other issues with a few exclusives! We'd like to thank the DOFUS staff and notably Logan for now we have been given and for the answers supplied.

On July 4, while the Hexagon can sleep on both ears due to an overall drop in temperatures, Dofus players, they are getting ready for a huge influx of articles via the 2.52 update. Quest for its Dofus Vulbis, fresh Dreggon Zone, new charms per class, lots of new things which we will discuss in detail directly here.Since time immemorial, the Vulbis Dofus benefits from a drop rate of 0.001percent and can only be acquired on one monster: Crocabulia, located in the Dragoeuf Sanctuary. Regarded by most as the very popular object of buy dofus kamas echo, the Dofus Vulbis will follow the path opened by the other Dofus of the manner, also will be obtained through quests. Be careful though, the pursuit series is recommended for level 200 Dofus players.