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Technology 1,258 views Sep 13, 2019
Top 5 Educational Mobile Applications

Mobile applications have transformed the educational industry. The process of communication and sharing information has enhanced with advanced features. Emerging mobile applications help teachers to share real-time information, reports, and performance with teachers and students. 

Parents can also track their student's real-time performance, attendance, and behavior. Mobile applications allow parents and teachers to easily collaborate with each other anytime and discuss student’s progress. 

To take the education to the system to the next level several mobile applications have been introduced. In this article, the leading educational app development company brought top education mobile applications that are downloaded most in this year. 

Top 5 Educational Mobile Application - Downloaded Most 


With more than 31 million educators, students, and parents, Remind is the most downloaded educational app. It is a private mobile messaging platform that helps students, teachers, and administrators to stay connected with each other. 

  • Available on both the platforms - Android and iOS
  • Remind is available in 86 different languages 
  • This educational mobile application enables users to share multimedia content like photos, videos and as well as share files 
  • Users can have real-time communication at any time on all platforms 
  • Personal contact information remains confidential


Duolingo is a language learning platform, users can learn different languages of the world such as Spanish, French, German, Italian, and Dutch on this mobile app. Its basic learning is free but for advanced level, users have to opt for the premium version. 

  • This learning mobile app is available on both the platforms- Google Play and App store 
  • Monthly Active Users: 300+million 
  • Motivate users with rewards points 
  • Enhance vocabulary and pronunciation

  • Personalized learning feature 

  • Lesson based learning system

Google Classrooms 

Google Classroom app is developed by Google with the motive to make the sharing process easier between students and teachers. This educational app is free to download. It can be used by anyone. 

  • It can be operated on iOS, Android, and web browsers 
  • Google Classrooms is easy to install 
  • Teachers can create, collect, and grade assignments paperlessly
  • Features such as automatically making a copy of a Google Document for each student
  • Track of assignments due and begin working with just a click


Classdojo app helps to reduce the communication gap between teachers, students, and parents. It is a platform where teachers can share real-time reports and the performance of the students with their parents easily at any time. Nearly, 95% of US schools use classdojo apps. 


  • It can instantly translate the message into 30+ different languages. 
  • Supported Operating System: Android and iOS. 
  • Students and teachers can share images and videos with parents via this app. 
  • It helps to bring the school community on one platform. 

PowerSchool Mobile 

With PowerSchool mobile application, teachers can share real-time information with students, guardians, and parents which includes grades,  attendance, and assignments. This app is available for Android and iOS users (version 10.0 or higher) 

  • In around 70 countries in the world, this app has been used by 100 million students, teachers, and parents. 
  • Application developers try to deliver high level and unique experience to the users as per the updated tools and technologies. 
  • Quick and easy access to student data such as GPA, Class Overview, Assignments Due, Assignments Graded and more with an updated user interface, dashboard.


The increasing proliferation of mobile applications has modernized the education industry. The focus is now on helping the evolution of learning system and breaking the barriers of classroom. It is important to select the best education app based on your needs.

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