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Other 21 views Apr 15, 2019
2captcha bot or Solving Captcha by Yourself

During online research, you may have come across to the’ I AM NOT A ROBOT’ test. They are the captchas and they provide protection to the website from spambots. If you didn’t solve them correctly then you will be a bot for them because you didn’t pass the test. You may have heard about the 2captcha the captcha bypass app but there are different ways to solve the captchas as well. Yes bypassing the captcha sound way cooler and awesome for some but there are people who still want to take the not a robot test. Well if 2captcha bot isn’t your thing then this how you can solve captcha by yourself.

Captcha Solving Tips

If you want to solve captcha by yourself then start with the help of audio. If you get a captcha to solve visually the always avoid it. Instead, always use the play button while solving the captcha as the audio versions are way faster and convenient just’ pay attention to the main words. It doesn’t take much time to solve the audio puzzles because the audio puzzles use simple English language and you can just understand what it means. If you still want to use the more convenient options then 2captcha bot app can be used to bypass the captcha completely. Another option is the use of VPN locations. It will allow you to bypass Google’s ReCAPTCHA security reasonably. It is always better to choose a well-known VPN service instead of a free VPN which may bring with its own set of problems. The reputed VPNs disguise your traffic and can ide your device’s details and location. You may want to zoom in the more distorted images but there are other ways as well.

Use of 2captcha

Here comes the most convenient way to avoid the captcha as a whole. Instead of solving the captcha by yourself you can opt for the 2captcha bot and they have a number of advantages. The 2catcha bot app can take a few seconds to 1 or2 minute and can solve the captcha for you and they won’t charge much as well. Why will one prefer it? Well, first of all, there are users who need to visit some web portals regular basis and there they have to keep solving the captcha which is frustrating for many. This is why they use the 2captcha bot app to solve the captcha or bypass them. Also, they are easy to use and the pricing is very affordable for most of the users. If you are curious about this then Deathbycaptcha is offering great captcha solving services. Try it now.

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