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Health 58 views Jul 02, 2019
Importance and Benefits of Prostate Supplementation

It is not a secret that various prostate diseases are now among of the biggest health threats in men worldwide. Official medical statistics demonstrates dramatical growth of prostate disorders percentage share for the past two decades. The main reasons of this dangerous trend development are polluted environment, lack of physical activities, following stressful and unhealthy lifestyle, improper nutrition, immune problems caused by harmful toxins collected in organism, etc.

Prostate cancer already represents more than 16% of total cancer diseases cases worldwide and the risk of development prostate cancer in men over 60 years has increased in some times for the last 20 years. Many less dangerous prostate diseases like BPH (Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia or enlarged prostate gland), prostatitis and others are distributed even more widely - more than 100 millions men on the planet are suffering from BPH symptoms nowadays!

Your chances to have BPH after 60 years are about 50% and this probability is around 90% for men who are 85 plus. That is why it is highly recommended by urologists to start observe your prostate health condition regularly (at least yearly) after you are 40.

There are effective ways to significantly decrease the risk of developing prostate disorders and to help in their treatment. These ways are: following healthy lifestyle and regime, avoiding bad habits, healthy diet, regular exercising, and one of these ways is proper nutritional prostate supplementation which can be highly effective for saving your prostate healthy.

So, the main goal of this entry is to acquaint you with the most effective, qualitative and popular prostate supplements available today.

 The best prostate supplements

There are hundreds or may be even thousands supplements are sold now on the market. Of course, not all of them are worth to buy - there are a lot of scam and fake products, not working solutions or just those which are not certificated properly or manufactured in a way that doesn't follow high quality producing standards.

I do believe that any nutritional supplement must match ALL of the next criterias:

  • Must be produced from ethically sourced ingredients
  • Must be manufactured by a well-known reputable company following all the good manufacturing standards
  • Must be clinically tested and proven to deliver the claimed results
  • Must be certificated and match certification requirements
  • Must be NOT a scam or rip-off offer (like auto-shipping, etc.)
  • Must be sold by a trusted supplier (offline or online) which follows the highest market customers service practices, respecting privacy and security.

So, I choose only such male enhancement supplements to include in this entry - all of them do match all of the above mentioned criterias. Of course, it is impossible to collect here all of such, but it is very reasonable to review the most effective and popular of them. And as for today this entry provides reviews of 5 prostate supplements:


  • Ayurstate
  • Prostate Max
  • Prostate Dr.
  • Saw Palmetto Complex

Ayurstate (TM) is a 100% herbal prostate supplement developed by Ayurveda doctors of India Herbs company (BBB US accredited supplier). This prostate remedy is 100% safe - it has been clinically proven to cause zero side effects and is highly effective for prostate health: Ayurstate treats the deep inner causes of prostate gland disorders, not only just prostate problems symptoms.

Ayurstate ingredients

Ayurstate prostate supplement is 100% natural - it contains only 8 ayurvedic herbal extract concentrates which represents 50 active ayurvedic phytonutrients for prostate gland rejuvenation which work at molecular level in your body.

HealthSpark's Prostate Max solution is produced in UK with the highest quality ingredients that help to keep your prostate healthy. Prostate Max solution is a uniquely combined formula with ingredients such as plant sterols, saw palmetto, isoflavones and selenium to help you maintain a healthy prostate gland and balanced hormone levels.

How does Prostate Max work?

This prostate supplement helps to maintain a healthy prostate gland.Prostate Max supplement Saw Palmetto ingredient provides normalization of testosterone hormone levels in theorganism  and soy isoflavones have a body hormones balancing action as well. Prostate Max is suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Prostate Dr. is a 100% natural liquid herbal supplement to improve prostate gland health in men as well as proper functionality of immune and urinary systems.

Prostate Dr. ingredients

Prostate Dr. formula contains only natural ingredients specifically chosen for their immune function improvement properties and their prostate health improvement benefits. Prostate Dr. is manufactured in handy tincture solution for fast absorption into the organism. Consumed in a regular manner, Prostate Dr. will provide you with constant support to a healthy prostate gland.Prostate Dr. supplement The remedy's formula remains true to the comprehensive spectrum approach of herbal extraction, ensuring the bio-availability and proper balance of all the active working ingredients included in the supplement. This production technology also effectively decreases the risk of health side effects and maintains all active ingredients in the excellent balance -accurately as nature intended.

Natural prostate supplement Saw Palmetto Complex is specially developed for theimprovement of healthy urinary function in men aged over 40 years toprovide a healthy prostate gland, proper urinary function and efficient urine stream.