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392 views Jul 30, 2019
Path of Exile's Delve DLC is now available for PCs

Grinding Gear Games has launched the latest expansion of the Path of Exile for PCs and plans to launch the Xbox version next week.

Titled Delve, the extension is the game's first infinite dungeon, called Azurite Mine and a new car that is specific to the endless cell, called the Crawler. The mine filled with a variety of POE Orbs and azurite ore that can convert to POE Currency, which can be used to provide flares, explosives, and updates for your creepers. Of course, the difficulty of deep dungeons becomes unacceptable as the player expands further, encountering more difficult, exotic creatures and more difficult challenges than previously seen in the game.

"Delve is a unique extension of Path of Exile because it allows players to progress far beyond anything we've tried before," said Chris Wilson, co-founder of Grinding Gear Games. "We are delighted to see how the players respond to some of the surprises we buried in the depths of Delve.

The game was initially released on October 2013 and received favorable reviews. Since its launch, Path of Exile has become a global community with more than 20 million players.

Path of Exile: Like every major expansion of Path of Exile, Delve will be completely free to play. You can check Delve's latest trailers and purchase the Buy POE Items you need on the official website of MMOAH.

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