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Other 56 views Sep 20, 2019
Top 4 Tips To Choose the Best Tenant Screening Service Provider

Before renting out your property to a potential tenant, it is important to run a background check to ensure your property stays protected and you do not end up renting out to a wrong person. For this purpose, it is important to look for a reliable and reputed tenant screening service. With so many companies out there offering an extensive range of services, it is challenging to choose the right company. Here, we bring you the top four tips that can help you select the right company.


Choose the company that is ready to go an extra mile to run a thorough check


The first tip is to look for a company that provides quick and accurate information. It doesn’t shy away from running a deep, thorough tenant background check. Even if they have to go beyond criminal and eviction history data, they must be ready to do so to collect relevant information. It must include credit score, eviction history check, criminal background check, sex offender registry check and more. The information must be sourced from large and reputable databases. The screening company needs to do everything it takes to get pertinent information to the landlords. It may require them to pull up nationwide records from landlord-tenant courts.


Choose a company that offers high accuracy rate


The tenant screening service you are planning to choose must focus on the accuracy of data. They must have a successful algorithm that matches perfectly with the rental applicant with detailed information about address history, SSN, etc. They must opt for measures that help them to identify tenants using alternate names so that false criminal hits are minimized. They must also have a system in place that automatically updates eviction and criminal records every 24 hours.


High-end Security Measures


The screening companies must have top security measures in place so that personal information of the applicant is safe. They must use advanced technology that ensures the privacy and safety of information collected by them.




Look for a company that offers high-end tenant screening and rental background check services at cost-effective rates. You would surely like to get potential tenant applicants screened before deciding any one of them, but you would not like to break the bank to do so. Many companies go with an extensive set-up process and offer services at exorbitant prices which makes it difficult for many landlords to use these services.

Paying attention to these tips will help you identify the right tenant screening service in your area.