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Business 55 views Aug 13, 2019
5 Major Applications of Coal in Various Industries

Coal is a combustible sedimentary rock found underground. It is mined underground and used for generating heat. As the biggest source of energy, coal is used in several industries because it is easily available and affordable. Coal suppliers in South Africa offer household coal and wood pellets in bulk orders and transport it all over the country. (Information source:


The reason for the immense popularity of coal is its several benefits such as an abundant supply, convertibility into different forms, a full-time energy source, a large global reserve etc.


Uses of coal:

Industries that use coal for various purposes are:


1. Electricity:

The main purpose of using coal is thermal power generation for producing electricity. Coal burns at a high temperature, it transforms into water then steam. The produced steam is used for turning turbines at a high speed. After this process is started in the strong magnetic field, electricity is generated. Coal that is used in power generation is called steam coal or thermal coal.


2. Steel production:

Coal is also used in the steel industry for the production of steel. Here, the coal is baked in furnaces. Thus, coal coke is formed which is used to extract iron from iron ore and produce steel. Along with the steel production, this process recovers ammonia gas from the coke ovens. This can be used to make ammonia salts, fertilisers and nitric acid.


3. Liquefaction and gasification:

You can turn coal into synthetic gas. Hydrogen and carbon monoxide are mixed in this gas. These gases can be converted into pure hydrogen, methanol, urea etc. Moreover, liquids like synthetic fuels can also be produced from coal. These primary products are used to make many different items. Most of the products you see in the market have coal by-products or coal itself in them as components. Some of these products are plastics, fibres, soap, dyes, aspirins, solvents etc.


4. Manufacture of specialised products:

There are a few specialised products that you can produce from coal such as carbon fibre, activated carbons and silicon metals. These specialised products come to use for various purposes. For example, activated carbon is used to purify the air, filter water, and kidney dialysis machines. Carbon fibre can be used in the construction and manufacture of tennis rackets and mountain bikes. Silicones and silanes are produced with the help of silicon metal and these products can be used as water repellents, cosmetics, toothpastes, shampoos, lubricants and resins.


5. Domestic use:

Coal is used as a source of heat and fuel for cooking in many countries. Due to its availability and affordability, many households still use it as the major source of heat as well as fuel for cooking. Although there are many other options to use, yet using coal can save a lot of energy, which makes it a cost-effective option.


You can contact coal suppliers in South Africa to have bulk coal transported to your home.