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Key Features of Adjustable Height Tables

Today’s workplaces are no longer dull and life sucking. With transitions in work ethics and office culture, modern workplaces have changed too. Today, both industrial and non-industrial workplaces require a lot more than just plain ordinary desks and chairs. Proper ergonomic furniture that offers high functionality and boosts the productivity of the workplace has become prerequisites in today’s working culture. Another trend that has taken over industrial and laboratory workspaces is tables that can transition from sitting to standing.


As a result, adjustable height tables that are designed specially to meet the requirements of the workers have become widely popular. These are effective in elevating stress related to work and offer a host of benefits. To clearly understand the reasons for the popularity of height adjustable tables, let us discuss its key features: (Information Credit –


1. Ergonomics

Lift tables are characterized by a range of ergonomic features that prevent worker injuries and enhance their productivity. The ergonomic lift tables facilitate transitions from a sitting position to a standing position, regulating the flow of blood and oxygen throughout the body. Standing for a mere fifteen minutes helps the body get back the awareness that was lost when you were sitting. Sitting for long hours can often make the workers feel sleepy. As one stands, the cardiovascular system has to work harder, eliminating fatigue. As a result, productivity increases.


Further, sitting down for the entire shift can easily cause ailments and injuries. The use of ergonomic tables will ensure that the workers do not suffer from back aches, neck pain or wrist problems. The ergonomic lift table is built in such a way so as to support the worker in the best possible way, ensuring complete comfort.


2. Stainless Steel Build

Adjustable height tables are built from stainless steel, one of the strongest and most durable materials. Stainless steel lift tables offer high strength and durability. Since the material is resistant to corrosion, they can be easily used in harsh working environments of industries. They can withstand the tough atmospheric conditions in the laboratory and industrial workplaces. Some can even stand the impact of corrosive materials and chemicals. Since the stainless steel lift tables can withstand harsh conditions easily, they last longer.


The ergonomic stainless steel tables also offer the advantage of easy care and maintenance. The surface of the table cleans off completely and easily, leaving behind no residue. This ensures that there is no contamination and no buildup of bacteria and other microbes. Due to this benefit offered by the tables, they are used in not only in industrial workplaces but also in restaurant kitchens.


3. Heavy Duty Nature

Industrial workplaces are characterized by the use of heavy equipment and machinery. So, to facilitate such heavy equipment and support their weight, heavy duty lift tables are widely used in laboratories and industries. Most heavy duty height tables can easily support weights up to 750kg. Using these tables for heavy objects ensures that the table doesn’t break easily, ensuring the safety of the object as well as the longevity of the table.


Many heavy duty lift tables feature recessed legs to ensure a high load-bearing capacity and allow proper leg room for the workers. These are the perfect solution for industries that make use of heavy technological equipment and appliance. Many heavy duty height tables are even designed to facilitate the use of electronic equipment, featuring outlets for easy connectivity and support for accessories and gadgets.


4. Accessible Tables

As per the Americans with Disabilities Act, all public places and businesses are required to make necessary provision to facilitate people on wheelchairs. This requires all workplaces to provide accessible tables for those who certain special requirements. Ergonomic tables that are easily height adjustable can be used as an accessible table if they meet the necessary requirements. A height adjustable table can be defined as accessible when the surface height of the table ranges between 28” and 34”. Since the height of the table surface can be adjusted easily, they provide greater comfort to wheelchair dependent workers.


As per the ADA, the tables are also required to have a knee clearance of at least 27”. Further, the clear area between the legs of the table for the wheelchair to fit easily must be between 30” to 48”. Ensuring that the other requirements are met, the surface of a lift table can be easily raised to the desired height. Thus, the use of an adjustable height table in a workplace ensures that no one is left out and all workers can enjoy the ergonomic benefits of a decent worktable.


5. Multi-shift Support

Industries and other several other workplaces hold multiple shifts where different people use the same table at different times. It is not always necessary that the people using a table will have the same height or body structure. Ergonomic stainless steel tables with height adjustability act as multi-shift tables, allowing varied people to adjust the table as per their height and other needs. Further, these tables can also be used for multiple purposes across different shifts. They can be used as a work table in one shift and its height can be raised to use it as a display table in another. Multi-shift tables are cost-effective since a single table can be easily shared by different people, eliminating the need for separate tables for each worker.


Adjustable height tables have many beneficial features that provide a high degree of flexibility and convenience. Since they allow the workers to sit or stand, it reduces fatigues significantly and increases body awareness. This ensures better health of the employees and enhances their productivity. Eliminating the instances of worker injuries, the ergonomic tables provide higher worker satisfaction, retaining your employees for long. Thus, furnishing the workplace with quality height adjustable tables helps in creating a healthy work environment.