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Education 48 views Aug 19, 2019
Tips to Enhance Research and Writing Skills


A student has to do a lot of research during their college or university life. It is always a part of their schedule. Either a thesis or a regular assignment, both require research and analysis. Let’s discuss seven steps that can be taken by students to develop their research and analysis skills.


Hit the Library

It is always a good option to go to the library and read your course related books. This will help get a better grip of the research or analysis that you want to do. Libraries are packed with relevant records, and if you are lucky you will find a book that fits your thesis or assignment.


Google is Your Friend

Do research on Google with regards to your subject. It is a really good platform to do your exploration and investigation. Having said that, one should keep in mind that at times there are dubious sites on the internet as well. Be careful of that, and go to the more trusted links.


Read Old Dissertations and Thesis

This step will help give your research a good platform. At time the dissertations that are in regards to your own topic can help; what to research and what to analyze.


Try Not to Search Irrelevant Data

Be sure not to deviate from the topic. Your research and analysis will go to waste if it is not relevant to the topic given. So first make sure that first you have the title, and the requirement of the topic figured out.


Be Specific

When on an online platform, be as specific as possible. The reason behind that is, that there is a plethora of information present on the internet. So be exact of what you want. Only then you will be able to find the perfect data.


Stay in Touch with Your Supervisor

Your supervisor is like your knight in shining armor. He/she will guide you through your research as they are already familiar with the study pattern. This will also help one get a jump start.


Get Help from Online A Professional Writer

If you are thinking that who can write my essay, then the last step is contacting an expert writer online. There are sites online that will help you with the research and analysis, for your assignment and thesis.