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15 views Dec 25, 2019
Mage Skills Introduction



Intelligence Enhancement (Buff Magic)-Increases target intelligence by X points in Y minutes. Remember to always have this spell relation to yourself and utilize this buff spell on other players likewise.
Magic Missile-Fires a magic missile with an enemy, inflicting X damage every second for Y seconds. This spell includes a spectacular animation. When in silence, magic missiles can't be fired. Using Classic WOW Gold will help the mage acquire more damage.

Deformation-Deformation is capable of turning an enemy right into a sheep, forcing it to roam around in the spell's life. While in a deformed state, sheep cannot attack or use spells and can quickly recover life. Any damage will restore the objective to its original shape. Only one target is usually deformed at the same time. Transfiguration can just be used on beasts, dragons, giants, humans and domestic animals. The deformed target will hover about the deformed ground. Keep in mind that when they last long enough, they could go far, so be mindful of your sheep. Pull the enemy target over mount. Metamorphosis may fail early. Players use a higher potential for getting rid of this effect, this effect isn't likely to exceed just a few seconds.

Magic Suppression-Magic Suppression lessens the magic effect of the marked team member. This decreases the damage X and Y healing points of harmful spells. Lasts Z minutes. Use this spell to defend team members from harmful spells, but remember that it also lessens the effectiveness of healing spells while magical suppression lasts.
Magic Booster-Magic booster increases damage X points and heal Y points when placed on target affiliates. Lasts Z seconds. This is useful in order to increase healing without worrying about increasing spell damage. Now that zzwow is holding a Christmas event, players may use the code "Xmas" to acquire all equipment and items, including Vanilla WOW Gold. Helps players save plenty of costs, while ensuring that players secure transactions.

Magic Blast (Range Attack Spell)-Causes a magic explosion throughout the body, causing injury to all targets inside the Z yard from X to Y points. This ability is extremely effective if your caster is surrounded.
Detecting Magic-Investigate the buff magic affect on the target for X minutes. This is an information gathering spell. You can understand what buff magic will be used by the monsters, so you're able to know how to cope with them or the monsters have. It would be a lot more useful when you could remove these buff magic.