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Education 128 views Sep 19, 2019
All You Need to Know About the Commercial Pilot License Austral

It is not easy to procure a commercial flying license. A commercial pilot is responsible for the well being of all the passengers in the aircraft. He or she must have ample experience of flying in bad weather and also handle multi-engine planes. Read on to know more about pilot licenses and the cost of getting a commercial license in Australia;

Eligibility Criteria

A student usually has to log 150 hours of pilot training and flying experience to be eligible for a license. Furthermore, the candidate should be well trained, physically fit and aware of all the rules and regulations of the aviation industry before he/she can begin to fly.

There are several noteworthy flying schools from around the world that offer rigorous training and pilot lessons to deserving candidates. The curriculum includes flying a variety of aircraft- private, heavy-duty and commercial included.

The Cost

Enrolling in a pilot school is perhaps the most expensive way to get a commercial license. It takes years of training and thousands of dollars to finally get that certification. An easier alternative would be getting into the defense force. Note that, you can apply for a license only after serving in the military for a minimum of 4 years.

The pilot license Australia cost in the commercial sector can cut quite a big hole in your pocket. Reputed pilot schools charge roughly $28000 for a basic license. State-funded schools are cheaper and usually, offer better scholarship opportunities.