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Health 18 views Dec 02, 2019
I admit I had taken for granted that every RPG

I admit I had taken for granted that every RPG Dofus participant knows the distinction between the words"realism (realistic)" and"reality (actual )". So I'll guide you hand in hand in an explanation I hoped Dofus Kamas wasn't needed: In a world where magic is an everyday activity I can accept enchanted weapons, therefore it's no problem if weapons provide non-damage stats as long as weapons do what they are meant to do: damage. If shields give stats as long as shields do exactly what they're supposed to do: 30, same can be applied on shields, it's no problem.

Dofus isn't even fantasy world, far from that, it's a parody of fantasy worlds that are regular , so I could be more tolerant in Dofus I can in dream worlds. But fiction should possess at least a couple rules to maintain my suspension of disbelief. I began playing with this Dofus game fascinated by a peculiar class I'd never seen before: the sacrier. It was an agile bare handed brawler who reveled in the bloodbath of conflicts, his blood and that of his enemies turned into the source of its energy. Now I will observe that berserker wielding a shield at allies.Its not only about acquiring achievements, I am talking about hardcore Dofus players performing endgame contents to be able to get and sell those endgame resources that are valuable. If endgame contents become easier to harvest by casual Dofus players, then it will not be as uncommon not as valuable anymore. There'll be no purpose for hardcore Dofus players to farm those dungeons anymore because everybody (theoretically) will have the ability to get their very own endgame resources.Well, you will find Dofus players who do sell uncommon stuff so they can subscribe with ogrines, is that incorrect? What'll hardcore Dofus players do that fresh contents are implemented?

Hardcore Dofus players perform to collect and sell uncommon resources.When that there are no longer rare contents, hardcore Dofus players do all of the achievement in 1 month and zaap sit for the next two months waiting for the next new content.I was just saying that Ankama must please people that invest money and maintain the Dofus game ready to go at a certain point. Play to pay is among the most unique and amazing features of this Dofus sport, however I find quite normal tha Ankama is also giving focus on those casual Dofus players thay pay good money to play the Dofus game, can't sustain multiaccounts with in-game currency or simply don't have enough time.

Additionally, talking honestly, hardcore Dofus players burn off Buy Kamas Dofus Retro every content in a matter of a couple of days and get back to PvP, is it worthy to keep end game difficult for their entertainment of 5 minutes? Having multiple difficulty setting would also be giving attention to P2P'ers. With it, they could play content, the only difference is they won't drop rare resources because they did not apply as much effort as a hardcore Dofus participant. Right now the simplification will reward casual but includes a price tag, it will probably hurt hardcore source gatherers' revenue (hopefully not by far ).

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