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Entertainment 38 views Dec 21, 2020
Off-topic: Hello everybody, I am the exact same Just Someone fr

SC helm. SC platelegs. Explorer's ring to get prayer ring or bonus of OSRS gold existence if you are not certain or are scared you may lag. Barrows gloves Rune gloves Finest RFD gloves you may use. Special weapon:Any Godsword Dragon claws Dragon dagger de ++ will do fineFire Cape Skill cape (t) Skill cape Guthix/Saradomin/Zamorak cape Obsidian Cape

If using black salamander with preceding setup: +black salamander, +harralander tar. If utilizing slayer dart with the above set-up: +Slayer's employees, +200 or so passing runes, +800 or so mind runes. The quantity of food to take? I would bring 1 or 2 prayer potions(4) determined by your prayer level. I would bring 1 superb defence potion (4). Monkfish should be OK.

So anyways, I'm creating a Turmoil Zerk..however it's just gonna be a regular zerk until I have saved up 180M for the bones I'm likely to need. (Or I will get a bonecrusher out of Dung and camp in green drags with a cannon) ANYWAYS I would like to have the ability to receive 94 mage BEFORE I have pk-ready melee stats. So: Does anyone know of A) a way to make ~21Mish reasonably fast (I can make it, it just will be via cb and take more than I'd have expected ) Or B) A way to not shed a great deal of money..but also get some magical exp. The only ways I know which are great for getting magic xp are: High alching, Super heating, and Humidify. I only have 1M atm. . .and till I figure something out I'm just gonna slayer up my money.

(Off-topic: Hello everybody, I am the exact same Just Someone from earlier, the one who did fakes. I've come out of sin. Nice to be back at Sal's) From what I gather, ranged has shifted radically for p2p at the time I was inactive. However, I am f2p, and things haven't really changed - it is still bow and arrow, or pathetic peashooter called the crossbow. With buy RuneScape gold the launch of dungeoneering, the most powerful weapon I can get is your sighted maple longbow. I'd believed that it would be, but I Had a member who stated that"longbow neglects" period. I think the topic merits further investigation.

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