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29 views Nov 08, 2019
route planner

Web Route Planner: Prepare your journeys smarter

Have you ever had a hard time preparing your trips on your phone screen? We know it's easier to work on a big computer screen. That's why we redesigned our planning process and found an exceptional way to create routes. The Web Route Planner allows you to create a route with all the comfort of your computer, then send it to your Sygic GPS Navigation app.

We are pleased to present our new maps on Do not hesitate and discover the smartest way to plan your journeys. You can search for your next destination and choose the route that suits you best. Then you can send it to your device - it's as simple as that.

You can also use to find travel inspirations. These maps are packed with millions of points of interest to help you discover interesting places to visit on your itinerary. We have the world's largest database of virtual reality content, with more than 5,000 videos and 360-degree travel photos from 40 destinations around the globe. Our maps also include all important information about opening hours, ticket prices, etc. Just zoom in and click on one of the photos to start your visit from the comfort of your living room. If the users are new to any place and they didn't have the basic knowledge of that area then they no need to worry because this voice-guided navigation is one of the best solutions for all their problems.

How to use the Route Planner?

Search for your destination, and then use route planner. When you have finished your journey, simply click on the button "Send the route planner to your phone". Type your email address, then press the "Send" button. We will send you an email with information about a route planner. Open the message on your phone, then press the "START NAVIGATION" button, which will open Sygic GPS Navigation. You can now start following your route by pressing the "Start" button.

Please note that the ETA itinerary and estimated time may change somewhat once in the application. This is due to the use of the Predictive Route planner, which takes into account historical traffic data to calculate the most efficient route planner.

The ideal route planner in a few clicks

It has never been so easy: choose a type of activity (hiking or mountain climbing) and define the points of departure and arrival. The route planner does the rest by calculating the best route for you. If you want to modify the proposal, you just have to move a point on the route and the circuit will be adjusted automatically.

Cycling Planner

Do you want to ride a bike from A to B, but you do not know the shortest way? No problem; our route planner is also the ideal tool for cycling. Simply choose the activity cycling, mountain bike or bicycle route under "activity", define your point of departure and your destination, validate, it's done! our planner calculates automatically and in a few seconds the best route on the Outdooractive cycling network. The live traffic updates feature available in this application enables the user's to find another route if there is heavy live traffic mileage on that location this traffic update sends the notification to the users by using the GPS signals. Without having any basic technical knowledge of the area the users can reach their point of origin quickly with the help of voice-guided navigation application.

Plan and share routes

Planning a route is just the beginning of an adventure. Doing it and sharing it represents the experience, the one that creates memories and emotions. Beyond the simple course, our planner brings you a lot of important and practical details that are useful for you during the activity. At the end of your experience, do not forget to share your experience. Routes, descriptions, photos, everything is good to inspire the community. Mapquest is one of the best American web mapping service that was owned by Verizon Media.