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Other 500 views Nov 09, 2019
Advantages of washing your car in the car wash service

Car cleaning goes well beyond aesthetic issues. The external car wash Bangalore by Carzippi allows a good maintenance of the body paint. It is important to constantly clean the vehicle without waiting for dirt to be noticeable.

The car wash Bangalore by Carzippi consists of a roller system that is fast and simple. It is only necessary to place the car inside the structure and the machinery does the rest. In a few minutes the car will go from being dirty to being clean and dry for a very competitive price. Alternative methods, such as the traditional pressure hose system, are sometimes an important effort for the customer, in addition to a much longer time than the auto wash method.

The car wash Bangalore by Carzippi is the best solution to keep your car ready and its possibilities go in this direction.

In general, steam car washing is much more "scratch resistant" than conventional car wash methods. Below are advantages of doorstep car wash Bangalore by Carzippi

  1. Water saving
  2. Electricity saving
  3. No sewage runoff
  4. Natural sterilization effect
  5. Time efficient
  6. Efficient cleaning of hard to reach areas
  7. Clean extremely dirty and muddy surfaces without intensive labour
  8. Easy to handle


Washing methods

-Washing tunnel with rollers:  It is a method that has many advantages, such as its easy accessibility or the zero effort on our part, since the machine takes care of everything. It is also fast and quite economical. However, it also has disadvantages, and one of them (and very important) is that repeated washing successively on the rollers, especially if they are not cleaned regularly and if they are aggressive - with bristles like a brush - will leave small sequels in the painting of our vehicle in the form of swirls (small scratches in the form of a spider web in the most superficial layer of the paint). These swirls are less visible in clear and metallic paints, but with a simple glance in direct sunlight they will appear before our eyes.

-Washing by pressure hoses:  An increasingly popular method and that is hardly inconvenient. Doorstep car wash Bangalore is fast (we will hardly need a few minutes and a little effort on our part), economical.  This service does not present damage to the paint of our vehicle, as long as the lances have adequate pressure and keep enough distance with the body of our car.