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Other 801 views Nov 12, 2019
Know Everything About Selling Your Car in France

Selling a car is not an easy process. In addition to finding the right buyer, there is a lot of paperwork that needs to be completed to ensure the complete transfer of the vehicle to the new owner. One of these documents includes Non-pledge certificate online. This is a document that must be given to the new owner after transferring the registration of the vehicle. 


Once the seller has submitted this particular document, the buyer would be entitled to the complete ownership of the vehicle. If you have been planning to buy your used vehicle in France, continue reading, the following guide will help you understand the entire selling process of the vehicle. 


First of all, the seller needs to generate the certificate de situation administrative, also known as certificate de non-gage. This is one of the most important documents during the entire process as this certificate ensures that there are no possible reasons due to which vehicle cannot be sold to the new person. It is basically a document that verifies that the vehicle is all good for sale. 


This document can be easily generated online without any hassle. Once the certificate has been submitted successfully, the next step is to generate a certificate of administrative status. This is a combined document that contains two different certificates, i.e., Non-pledge certificate online and certificate of absence of opposition to ensure the complete transfer of the registration card of the vehicle.


While selling the car, you can either take care of the entire paperwork on your own or allow a showroom or third-party seller to handle this task. Once you have completed this particular task, you’ll be able to sell your car and transfer the complete ownership to the new owner. 


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