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Education 183 views Nov 28, 2019
Top 5 Ways to Decrease Stress in College

No one is immune to stress and this is something that every student suffers from and is always looking for ways to get rid of it. If your mind is also crushing under a load of books, lectures, exams, and assignments then this is where you find your answers.


To ease their burden, students turn to companies that offer write my essay services at affordable rates.with the help of these services, students get the help that they need to overcome stress and turn in all assignments on time.


Below are some of the ways of relieving stress in college.


  1. Make a Proper Study Plan: Having a proper and easy to follow study plan will help you get all your tasks get done on time. Make a list of the courses that you are studying and allot each day to one of them. Break the study sessions and do not go on for more than two hours in a row.


  1. Make Healthy Food Choices: Since college life is all about rush hours and shortage of time, students are often into fast food and late night binges. Processed food is high in sugar and fat and do more harm than good.


Instead, focus on preparing the food yourself and have fresh vegetables, fruits and whole grains. Believe us, you will feel much better and energized than if you try to live off fast food.


  1. Get an 8 Hour of Sleep: Sleep is important to regulate your proper brain functioning. To make the most of the time, students try to start their day at 4am and as a result, many of them feel sluggish and drained out.


If this 4am routine suits you then follow it by all means but if you wake up at 4 leaves you tired and sleepy for your 8am class then listen to your body. Get at least 7 ⅕ to 8 hours of solid sleep.


  1. Make an Exercise Schedule: Exercise is important for your brain also. Research shows that people who indulge in several 30 minutes exercise sessions per week have better memory and brain health. They also have less chances of getting Alzheimer’s and other bones related diseases.


Make a schedule that is doable for you and stick to it.


  1. Take a Break: Taking breaks from work is important and necessary if you do not want yourself to be drained out and tired. Take fifteen minutes breaks in between study sessions to freshen yourself up. Some good break ideas are reading your favourite book, playing an instrument, cleaning your room or simply going for a short walk.


Walking will also help you get some fresh air and release the stress.


College is an important phase of our lives but studying does not mean that we should not look after our health. Remember, with good health you could do better. You can take a look at MyPerfectWords if you need a trusted essay writer