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Other 35 views Jan 14, 2020
Step of Python still relevant for App Development?


Using Python present the user with the quality of being extensible. Which means one can write code in other languages like C, C++ and use them in Python as well. So this makes Python the perfect combination for everything to about App development.

Type Declaration

Another advantage of using Python is that the user does not need to declare the type of a variable when coding with Python. This process follows the simplest syntax possible. To understand this let’s take an example of swapping ‘X’ with ‘Y’ in Java as well as Python.

Java:                     int temp=X;


                                Y= temp;


Python:              X, Y= Y, X

 As we can see in Java one needs to declare the variable X as integer whereas in Python, no type declaration is required. And on top of that Python uses less lines of code and hence it becomes so easy to adapt to this language.

Ease of Learning

If we talk about the ease of learning when using Python. For this we can compare the ease of doing things in Java as compared to Python because when it comes to object oriented programming one is safe to start off with the use of both the languages.

Python can be more user friendly then Java as it consists of a more intuitive coding style. Even though both languages have their unique advantages. However if one wants to start Python has been found to be less complex.

If we look at the usability trend it has been found that Python right now is gaining more popularity in the U.S. This being said programmers for Python are always relevant to the field of app development. 

 What can be done using Python?

The language can be used to build a wide range of software and games with a large area of functionality and features. Building a graphic user interface has always been a difficult job since the user interface has to attract eyeballs and appease the audiences. This can be done effectively and very smoothly with Python programming language.

This language also allows one to build database linking and access framework, so almost everything can be done using this language. Lastly the language does not restrict the user to one particular field giving its users many options to set your app development career in the field that one wants to.  

Author Bio:

Steven Clark is a brand analyst at CMOLDS,providing Custom iOS App Developers for Hire. We can help you leverage customized chat bots for you e-Commerce business app and make your app dreams come to life

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