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Technology 149 views Dec 05, 2019
Distributed Teams in technology

What is a Distributed Team?

A distributed team is a unit of people that works together in sync, even as they span several cities, countries and time zones. They can use the power of modern communication technology to stay in touch and work together functionally, regardless of the locational barriers that may be in place.It’s a great way of bringing together remote talent from around the globe. It’s not always possible to have all of the best professionals together in one place working in the same location. Distributed teams allow tech companies to use the best professionals regardless of their geographical location. 

With businesses looking to grow and cut costs at the same time, using distributed teams makes sense. It allows companies to reduce their in-house costs and to operate their workplaces in more streamlined ways. At the same time, they’ll actually be improving the overall quality of the talent at their disposal.It’s a win-win situation for businesses. And another reason why these working arrangements are on the rise right now is that they’re feasible and functional in a way that wasn’t the case until quite recently. That’s definitely a significant factor that can’t be overlooked or ignored.

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