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Family & Home 2,362 views Jan 14, 2020
Feed the Soil

Feed the Soil


Feeding the soil may be a new concept to some of you, but you might have heard us talking about this in the stores. To help any particular plant produce its own defense mechanisms to fight off disease and insects, we need to replenish the soil. All about plants needs you can find with PlantSpot app free on itunes. Over the years/centuries we have killed off many or most of the beneficial soil organisms that plants use to create their own self defense systems. We have done this with repeated applications of chemical (fast releasing) fertilizers and the application of many different types of insecticides, fungicides and herbicides.


We would like our customers to begin to rebuild their soils so that plants can become strong and healthy and insects & disease might be naturally controlled. Established plantings would benefit with the application of humic acids in either spray or granular form. 'Roots', 'Rich Earth' or liquid compost are products that should be used. The use of organic fertilizer will continue the process. Organic fertilizer like 'Plant-tone' not only feeds the soil but also do the more traditional job of feeding the particular plants it is used on.


Beneficial organisms can also be administered directly to the soil around established plants by using Organica 'Plant Growth Activator' (green label for trees, shrubs, annuals and perennials; red label for turf grass, bulbs, and also annuals and perennials).


For new plantings the use of a composted soil conditioner mixed with our existing soil before planting starts the process.


Both established and new plantings will benefit from the addition of earthworms and earthworm castings. They are a great addition to the soil and add to the overall health of the plants. We can begin to restore the earth one square foot at a time, or one yard at a time, or one acre, or one village at a time. Begin to help your plants recreate their own self defense systems.