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27 views Feb 13, 2020
A small but essential part

A small but essential part of the badminton game is the shuttlecock. The entire game revolves around making accurate shots and winning points. Professional badminton players, club-level players and even beginners are always looking for Glass bottle sealing machine high-performance feather birdies that are affordable and durable. The Yonex Aerosensa shuttlecock series is a popular option for feather birdies as well as nylon shuttlecocks. However, there is one brand which is giving stiff competition to other brands on the market. Launched in 2018, GE92 shuttlecocks quickly climb the ladder to beat its competitors. In 2019, it was one of the top-rated shuttlecocks, among other highly-acclaimed shuttlecock alternatives such as Aeroplane EG1130, Victor Master Ace and ZHENAN Advanced Goose Feather Birdies.

GE92 is considered as one of the best goose feather shuttlecocks for 2020. GE92 Badminton Shuttlecocks: Are they better than others? When it comes to reviewing badminton equipment, we focus on all its aspects. Whether it is the speed of the shuttlecock, its durability or its price, it is essential to scrutinize each and every aspect before making a decision. 1. Varying Speed Options Golden Eagle GE92 badminton shuttlecocks come in varying speeds to suit your needs. 74, 75, 76, 77, 78, and 79 speed options are available when you shop for the feather birdies. You can choose the speed of the shuttlecocks depending on the geographical location you live and the average temperatures in the region. 2. Value for Money Testing each from a tube of 12 shuttlecocks revealed that there are no faulty shuttlecocks and each shuttle travels the same distance. It goes on to show that it is better to buy GE92 shuttlecocks with better accuracy and speed than choosing a cheaper option which only gives you a few good shuttlecocks out of the total. If you consider the price of Golden Eagle shuttlecocks, it is lower than Yonex, Victor and other well-known brands. The reason being simple: Golden Eagle doesn’t spend money on hiring big players to market their products. It passes on the savings to its consumers. You can order a pack of 30 tube of GE92 feather shuttlecocks and save money by shopping in bulk. 3. 10/10 for DurabilityDurability is one of the key reasons why the Golden Eagle brand is steadily rising in the ranks. Most shuttlecocks do not last a match and you need to replace them every time. However, GE92 scores 10/10 for durability. Made with robust composite cork, the shuttlecock doesn’t lose its feel even after several hits. The feather quality is great and you will realize that you will break far less feathers than average. Overall, the durability is better than Yonex AS-30 shuttlecocks. You can compare the durability of GE92 with AS50 or other more recent shuttlecock models. 4. The Feel of the Shuttlecock If you have enjoyed playing powerful shots such as smashes, you are going to love GE92 shuttlecocks. Players who have played with Yonex Aerosensa 30 and Aerosensa 50 will love the consistent flight pattern of the shuttlecock. It will take a few shots to adapt the flight pattern and feel, but once you get the hang of it, you will be able to place your shots seamlessly. If you consider the aspect of shuttle recovery, GE92 promises quick recovery which is essential, especially when you are a doubles player.

Should you buy GE92 Feather Shuttlecocks? With quality, consistency and durability, GE92 shuttlecocks are going to revolutionize the game. It is one of the badminton shuttlecocks to look forward to in 2020. With an affordable price, you can definitely give the brand a chance to prove itself. Final Word: GE92 is Conveyor line worth your money! Get ready to revolutionize your game! Buy Golden Eagle goose feather birdies at the best prices. Choose GE92 feather shuttlecocks to enjoy accurate shot placement on the court.