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Business 59 views Mar 18, 2020
All paper packaging arrangements are full

Even if the perfume paper bag factory already knew that it was the Italian merchant, there were still three big problems. But the problem also came. Why is it said to be bizarre? Because the perfume paper bag factory has not found any communication with him this year. In August last year, the price and the current price are simply heaven. Record, what's the matter with this guest? After the perfume paper bag factory contacted many relevant departments, it finally came to an end. Do the partners feel strange?. It can only be placed as a new customer to place an order, so now I still communicate these issues with this Italian customer and see if he can accept it. I found that I could n’t find anything. It turned out that the customer contacted through an e-commerce platform in August last year. His sample fee was the price of last year.

Many friends will say that, is n’t the customer service of the perfume paper bag factory aware? In fact, the customer service of this customer initially left because of marriage, and this customer was also assigned to other colleagues to follow up, and this customer There has been no reply, and the perfume paper bag factory has not been contacted, resulting in no way to pass through.In the past few days, a magical Italian customer and a packaging factory had a very bizarre perfume tote bag ordering transaction. The source of this money was not checked until the day before yesterday and Sunday night.

Basically, all paper packaging arrangements are full, and if you want to arrange them, you can only arrange them to the back, which may not guarantee the time limit. Come to us, let us help him make a tote bag, and then after looking at his hand bag demand design drawings, we gave an opinion, and then he told us the quantity we needed, we gave this tote bag and After the quantity plastic box suppliers of custom-made price sample fee and large unit price + freight, this customer disappeared, yes it disappeared. Some documents at that time, It has been lost and needs to recheck a lot of details.

It ’s different; it ’s almost the end of the year. This is the money of an Italian customer in August last year, and I immediately sent someone to contact him. Then more than a year later, that is, until last week 4, suddenly the perfume paper bag factory received a sample fee for the sample order, just when everyone was frantically looking for the recent dozens of orders and whether there were any relevant customers. What happened to this Italian customer who needed a custom perfume paper bag