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Other 46 views Mar 18, 2020
Requirements For Designing Automotive Stampings

(1) The design of Automobile Press Parts must conform to product use and technical performance, and be easy to assemble and maintain.

(2) The design of automotive stamping parts must be conducive to improving the utilization of metal materials, reducing the types and specifications of materials, and minimizing the consumption of materials. Use as low cost materials as possible, make parts as free as possible, and waste less.

(3) The automotive stamping parts designed by Rongzhi Automotive Parts must be simple in shape and reasonable in structure to simplify the structure of the mold and the number of processes, that is, to complete the processing of the entire part. Minimal and simplest stamping process and reduce the use of other parts. The method is processed to facilitate stamping operations and is beneficial to the organization of mechanized and automated production to improve labor productivity.

(4) Designed automotive stamping parts, under the conditions of ensuring normal use, Rongzhi auto parts stamping parts remind people as much as possible to reduce the requirements of dimensional accuracy level and surface roughness level, which is conducive to product interchange, reduce waste and ensure products stable quality.