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Other 58 views Mar 18, 2020
If only I could have them both simultaneously!

If you feed chinchompas about the PoF and toss in only 1 kind of OSRS gold food (for instance, seeds) why can it be regarded as"variety mush"? Clicking the"unequip gear" button in your bank a second time must make your final worn equipment be worn again. I hate it when I want to empty my stock, misclick, and suddenly I need to re-equip my character.

A means to choose in a preset whether you want to keep on using your previous potion, or decide on a new/full one. For example when I head to Nex and I use a 6 dose. I bank between kills, next time I pick the preset, it uses another 6 dose overload. Just like Diango and PoH costume space, a means to access May's Quest Caravan straight from the bank? For the Bank clean-up filter, supply more choices, such as books which can visit your book storage in thePoH, or items that could be placed in the costume room of your PoH.

Make all pets interfaced, or allow for more of them to be set to the RuneScape participant possessed house. I enjoy collecting pets, however if I do not need them to take half my bank, I have no option but to cram all of them into my residence. And then there are still quite a few left that need to remain in the bank. Also means I cannot just display my favourite pets in my house or anything, instead I just throw in whatever that could otherwise eat away my bank room. About critters, why permit RuneScape players only among particular kinds, unless sticking to the PoH? How will I ever be the Mother of Dragons when I could have only a black dragon, instead of a red, green and blue to go with it? Meanwhile my Zamorak Hawk would really like to scheme against my Saradomin Owl... If only I could have them both simultaneously!

A suitable trading platform for your RuneScape participant owned farm/ranch to trade and market animals to fellow RuneScape players? I understand to a lot of you status on world 2 phoning out your sales is nostalgic, but to me, I miss the luxury of this expansive exchange terribly in that respect. I have a fantastic animal that I know could help someone out, but I can not be bothered to waste time advertisements and end up selling the animals to RuneScape game for beans. An option to create other RuneScape player's such invisible and pets or ring overrides? It's annoying to take the shadow out drake taking up space, although I personally do not mind any pets.

Meanwhile there are people who troll by simply taking out pets, or turning to giant trees that take your vision in crowded areas. Would be fine if you could alter your preferences to not need to handle this, rather than until some person that is unwilling complies complain. A means to observe broadcasts of buddies. Maybe that's just me, but I really, really don't care to how to get money in old school runescape get this spam in my chat every few moments of"RuneScape player X attained level 99 agility""RuneScape participant Y received the building pet!" "RuneScape player Z got dragon rider lance!", so today I flip off my broadcasts. I do nevertheless would really like to see when something is achieved by one of my buddies.

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