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Business 19 views Jun 29, 2020
Chemical fiber masks are more difficult to effectively filter

It is best to soak in hot water. Chemical fiber fabrics may irritate people's bronchial tubes, and some people may experience symptoms such as itchy skin and uncomfortable   In addition, some citizens think that wearing ordinary masks can prevent germs. Sun couldn't bear the irritation of the skin caused by the chemical fiber mask, and she dared not continue to use this mask.Sun Qian, face mask suppliers who lives on Xinghai Road, was very 'disturbed' for the past two days. Dr. 

 On December 7, the reporter consulted Liu Mingjun, the doctor of Xingsheng Lane Community Health Service Station. Two days ago, she bought three chemical fiber masks for her daughter on the stall.. Change the masks regularly. Be careful not to wear masks for a long time, otherwise the nasal mucosa will become fragile. As a result, Ms. The daughter said that the skin on her mouth was itchy when wearing the mask. In fact, only medical masks can prevent germs from being inhaled, because medical masks are made of at least 12 layers of sterile white gauze, and they have strict requirements on the size and disinfection of masks. Ordinary masks themselves are not strictly disinfected,

and chemical fiber masks are more difficult to effectively filter viruses and dust in the air. Especially for patients with respiratory diseases such as allergies and asthma, wearing inferior chemical fiber masks may aggravate the condition. People who usually wear masks should pay attention to the masks to be cleaned every day. Liu introduced that the masks made of chemical fiber fabrics are not very cold-proof, and sometimes play the opposite role. This article is organized by. Sun Qian felt that her daughter might be too picky, so she tried it on for a few days