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Education 30 views Jun 17, 2020
How To Avoid Plagiarism In Custom Essay Writing

We all are aware of the essay writing and have experienced the same since our childhood. Essay writing help students to perceive the best understanding of the concepts or the selected topic. Students are provided with the guidelines by the teacher for the completion of the essay writing. Plagiarism is a reason for worry for the students throughout their academics activities. It doesn’t matter whatever you are writing, it can be an assignment, dissertation, or anything, plagiarism is not acceptable for all kinds of writing.

Plagiarism occurs in writing when you copy the writing or idea of other authors and show the same as your own. This never means to not use the writing or idea from other sources. There is a specific way to avoid plagiarism in writing. First, you have to thoroughly search for relevant and reliable information from different authentic sources. These sources can be relevant research articles, books, journals, and many more. While using the information from other sources, make sure to rephrase the same in your own words. While rephrasing, make sure to maintain the meaning and essence of the information. Once you rephrased, remember to provide the citation at the end of the information. The citation includes the name of the author and the year of publication of the paper from where you have gathered the information. For example, (John Williams, 2009). This will help you to avoid plagiarism in the entire essay writing.