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Sports 218 views Aug 04, 2020
Best Paintball Guns

Paintballing is a relatively new sport that has come into popularity since its creation almost 20 years back. The center of the thought behind paintball was to recreate the joy of hunting wild game in Africa without the expenses in creating such a trip, included. Inspired by Richard Connell's The Most Dangerous Game and eager to recreate the adrenaline rush of the hunt, three friends--Hayes Noel, Bob Gurnsey, and Charles Gaines--eventually worked out the main qualities that a hunter may have, but what they lacked was the necessary tool to create this type of game potential.

It was only when a friend of theirs showed them the Best paintball guns manufactured from the Nelson Paint Company that they found that tool. However, this did not stop these men from creating a game designed along the lines of capture the flag based round them. The first paintball game took place with a dozen players competing against one another. An article was printed that exact same month at Sports Illustrated on that game. The first games were primitive compared to today's standards, with limited ammunition per gun.

Interest in paintball climbed steadily, and Bob Gurnsey eventually founded National Survival Game and contracted with Nelson Paint Company to be the sole supplier of their guns and paintballs. This original monopoly enabled a profit in six months to make. Producers of paintballs quickly appeared in the early 1980s, spurring development in paintball technology. Nelson Paint Company would later divide into two companies: Nelson Paint Company, which centered on traditional paint products, and Nelson Technologies, Inc. (better known as Nelson Paintballs), which produces Best paintball guns
Competitive tournaments have been moving on almost since the sport's inception. The first major paintball tournament has been held in 1983, with the Canadian-based group The Unknown Rebels winning.

Tournaments changed over into the format in the 1990s. Speedball is similar to the notion of indoor soccer, with an even, enclosed field with a set terrain which afforded neither team an advantage over the other. Tournaments since then have been in this format. The world the World Cup, takes place each October at Disney's Wide World of Sports.

Turpentine parties were not common after a game to get the paint off. Now's paintballs are a gelatin shell full of vegetable oil and food coloring. A number of variations have been created for paintballs, including glow in the dark, scentedScience Articles, and weather ones. Some teams in tournament play will put their paintballs at a freezer to cool them and make the paint brittle to shatter easier and lower the odds of a ricochet. 

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