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Education 77 views Feb 12, 2018
High School Resume Builder : Who Needs One?

Resume builder software systems abound on the internet, a search throws up dozens of them vying for attention and dollars. Nearly all of these are pricey  -- with fees ranging from $20 for run-of-the-mill resume templates all the way to $500 for highly customized resumes on one-of-a-kind  resume templates. Many resume builders even have a recurring subscription that is billed monthly, the intent being to provide job seekers an ability to update and maintain their resume regularly. 

Where does this leave high school students who often do not have the skills to create a resume by themselves? High school students usually require guidance and significant hand-holding when creating a resume, and they are therefore most likely to benefit from a  good resume builder.

Unfortunately  high school students face two primary challenges when using most available resume  builders online. One, these resume builders are generally oriented towards adults who are mid-career, and have significant work experience to list. High school students on the other hand have limited to no work experience at all, needing to rely on high school activities, clubs, athletics and volunteer experiences to create a  resume. Most existing resume builders are ill suited for this. Second challenge is of course price -- with limited financial resources they are unable to afford more than $10, additionally since the jobs they seek are part time and pay low wages, they cannot afford a monthly subscription model .

Enter, a high school resume builder  that utilizes a questionnaires that is oriented specifically at high school students. It collects information about the high school student's accomplishments at school: GPA, school clubs, athletics, hobbies and the like. This is then automatically filled into a suitable  high school resume template . The result is an clean and informative resume that is specifically oriented to high school students needs. The high school resume builder even seeks out work experiences that are likely to be found among high school students such as mowing lawns, sitting pets or child care; while it eschews the experiences likely to be found on adult resumes. By pricing it below $7, it makes a high quality resume within reach of most high school students. Additionally, the resume it generates is editable, allowing students to make corrections and edits thereafter at no additional cost!

When such a resume is submitted as part of a college application,  the admissions officers can quickly identify the key accomplishments of the applicant, while by itself the resume may not be enough to obtain an admit decision, it can certainly be a important component of a holistic decision process. This makes it essential that  resume for college application be created with attention to detail, ideally with the help of a good high school resume builder.

The same is true when a high school resume is used for  applying to a part time job.  A well structured resume created using  a high school resume builder allows potential employers to quickly identify leadership, team work and other qualities that comes through based upon the student's high school experiences and activities. Given these, there is there is really little reason not to use a good resume builder oriented at high school students.



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