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Education 101 views Jan 18, 2021
Writing a Powerful Personal Statement for College

You might be the star student, with the perfect grades and the best ethics. You’ve always been on the frontlines in all of your school’s extracurriculars. However, what might prove to be a difficult task for you is writing a personal statement that reflects your achievements in the most powerful way.

Your college application depends on the quality of your statement. Don’t let it be a barrier between you and your goals. Here’s how you can write an impactful personal statement that will get you through all the doors.

Brainstorm your life

It’s not as difficult as you might think. Start at the earliest possible point in your life and write down your achievements. What were your dreams when you were little? Did they change? Maybe we were able to fulfill some of them. You don’t have to include just your achievements, you can write about any defining moment in your life like an accident, or a loss, moving to a new city, traveling, and more. Then pick out the one you think has made a real difference in your life. Spend some time with it and make it the highlight of your statement.

Speak like you

When writing a personal statement, many people fall into the trap of formalities. You should know that it takes away from the personal touch that is a must in a personal statement. You need to speak and write like you. Remember there’s no right or wrong tone, just make sure your reader can connect with you and feel your passion and motivation through your words.

Keep it simple

Use short sentences to express your ideas. Keeping it simple will make sure that you have a clear and effective statement. It’ll increase your chances of being considered for the position.

An Anecdote, Implicate, Connect

Start your statement with an anecdote. To write an impactful story, show rather than tell. Then connect that anecdote to the reason you’re applying to the specific university or college. This can have information about the subject you’re planning to measure in and what are some of the co-curricular activities attract you to the school and how that aligns with your future goals.

Conclude Strongly

It’s essential to close your statement with a strong conclusion. You need to leave a lasting impression on your reader. Summarize your entire statement in a few lines reinforcing your achievements, goals, and career aspirations. End on an enthusiastic note to convince your reader to act on your candidacy.

Proofread and Edit

Once you have your first draft down, read it a couple of times more, and edit it accordingly. You’re likely to find several areas for improvement. The things you need to keep your eye out for are spellings and grammar, specificity, relevancy, and easy-to-understand language. You might want to ask an external source for some help. If you know someone good at writing, have them go through your draft. They’ll tell you a few areas of improvement and you can consider if you want to follow them or not.

Follow these tips and we’re sure you’ll be able to draft an essay that’ll help you enter any college you want.

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