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Entertainment 26 views Dec 06, 2018
Path of Exile is extended with Sacrifice of the Vaal

Sometimes I have a head ... Is it because of my second last name? Can be. The fact is that I have not yet tried 'Path of Exile' despite having downloaded the day he debuted on Steam. Yes, on October 23, 2013. And I have no excuse, that since then I could have given him a few hours.

Although being sincere, with so much POE Currency game I had already forgotten about him. And thank goodness that is now news again, which has just been updated on Steam receiving its first expansion (or mini-expansion, rather) Sacrifice of the Vaal. A DLC that, of course, is completely free. Great!

Grinding Gear Games tells us in Steam all that it brings, but we already summarize it:

    A confrontation against a new leader: Atziri, a queen of the ancient Vaal civilization
    Vaal skill gems: to enhance abilities by consuming the souls of enemies
    Corrupt secret areas: with ancient relics
    The orb of Vaal: to sacrifice our objects in pursuit of obtaining greater power
    New leagues of challenge, invasion and ambush, with lots of new monsters
    Cut-throat mode: where we will hunt and skin each other in another competitive league
    Arena PvP Free-for-All

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